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AI driven red teaming operations

At Eventus, we combine best of the methodologies; Black Box and Assumed Breach into Hybrid Methodology for performing Red Teaming Exercise.

red teaming

Eventus Red teaming engagement is a combination of our experienced team of experts and tools which helps us to correlate and produce results which in turn acts as an input for next phase in red teaming excersice i.e. “Initial Compromise assessment “. Post which the RED-Al team leverages techniques used by the real-world attackers to carry out cyclic red team operations to perform privilege escalation, persistence, lateral movement. Red teaming should be considered for
Security Assessment using Real World Threat Actors
Identification of the gaps using controlled and simulated attacks
Have incident detection and response solution implemented and want to test them
To simulate multiple attack / incident / campaign scenarios based on latest knowledge of adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)

Our Methodology

Eventus Red AI Team performs Reconnaissance by doing the regular checks that tap OSINT to find vulnerabilities. OSINT(Open Source Intelligence) for Red Teaming assessment helps in discovering the digital footprints and enables relevant data collection.
Social Engineering
Red Team social engineering testing evaluates people, processes, and procedures for email and spear phishing that the malicious actors run to tap vulnerabilities and steal sensitive data from your environment. We provide phishing as a service to plug these loopholes and identify the extent of threat to your sensitive data.
Intrusion and Exploitation
Once the attacker gets the intel, he breaks into your system and the Intrusion (active attack) takes place and the attacker gets inside. The attacker then Exploits your system by installing additional tools and malware to take control of the compromised system and escalate the privileges and extend the compromise to more systems, spreading enterprise wide.
Breach Attack and Simulation
Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) enables organizations to simulate attack path and expanded kill chain used by attackers/cyber criminals against the organizations. BAS allows organizations to find the performance gaps, strengthen your security posture, and improve your incident response capabilities. An advanced cybersecurity breach simulator simulates, assesses and validates the most current attack techniques used by advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other malicious entities.
Continuous Security Validation
Continuous Security Validation is a way to ensure that your organization remains at the top of security preparedness, always. It helps the organization visualize the cyber attackers’ perspective and stress-test its security stance. At Eventus, we follow MITRE ATT&CK™ framework to implement and execute the Continuous Security Validation.

Our offering & coverage


Tactical recommendations for rapid improvement
Synopsis for executives and senior management
Step by step instructions and guidance on technical details
Long-term improvement plans are offered in the form of strategic suggestions.
Real time assessment of how effective your detection and response systems are working
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