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Five Prominent Ransomware Groups you should be aware of
1. Pandora: Pandora was able to effectively target certain high-profile victims around March 2022, including Denso Corporation, which is the world's second largest automotive parts supplier. This brought Pandora to the […]
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Why Should Businesses Outsource Their Security Operations Center
The journey towards digitalization and cloud solutions that enhance productivity gains, increase agility, and reduce operational costs has rapidly and continuously expanded security vulnerabilities for most businesses. Businesses must supervise […]
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Employing Defense Techniques Against Ransomware Breaches
Manish Chasta, Co-Founder and CTO, Eventus TechSol Cybersecurity threats are damaging, but few are as devastating as ransomware. Ransomware is becoming a trillion-dollar cyber economy over the next five years. […]
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Ransomware Analysis Tutorial
Ransomware is a type of attack, where attacker gains control to encrypt the system, files and/or network by using malwares/malicious software and prevents you from accessing the same. The attacker […]
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A Simple Bypass To AMSI Signature – Describing One Of The Many Techniques
In this blog, we would like to highlight a scenario which we encountered during a latest internal penetration testing activity conducted by Eventus. It highlights the basic method through which […]
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