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Managed SOC Service

Eventus Managed Security operation platform is designed to give complete visibility across multiple security layers processing millions of events with enriched threat intelligence, driving faster threat detection and automated response combined with expert threat analysis.

Our Experts At Work 24x7

Threat actors and cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated every day, and they never take a day off. The organizations need to have a 24X7 vigilant eye to stay ahead of the bad actors. You can’t afford to blink an eye.
Eventus Managed SOC is your able companion in this mission. We will identify various threats across endpoints, servers, network, and cloud workloads, eliminate the blind spots and provide complete visibility to you. Our specialized threat detection and hunting platform, combined with deep knowledge of security experts delivers faster response with higher degree of confidence.

Managed SOC Service - The NextGen way in Managed Security Services

Immediate access to world class security expertise without the hassle of hiring and managing internally.
Reduce the dwell time from months down to minutes, hence reducing the financial impact and mitigate faster if an intrusion occurs.
Expert threat triaging and assisting with incident isolation and remediation.
Expedite response manifold using NextGen SOAR automation platform
Threat correlation with events and threat Intel
24 X 7 X 365 Days monitoring by experts - Peace of mind
Active Threat Hunting to add extra layer of security and improve incident response capability
Meet the Compliances
When actionable threats are detected, our skilled team of security professionals search, evaluate and collaborate with your team, including:


Protection that is available 24x7 with real-time threat detection

Security Stack

A purpose-built platform supported by years of security knowledge

Breach Spotting

The most sophisticated method for detecting attacks that are undetectable by conventional defences

Threat Hunting

Proactive search for hostile behaviour by an elite security team

No On-Premises Hardware Necessary

Cloud-based technology eliminates the requirement for on-premise hardware

Expert Advice

Our skilled analysts design and implement the security strategy that continuously improves your security posture

FAQs -  Frequently Asked Questions

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is an integral part of an organization's cyber security strategy, serving as a centralized function that combines people, process and technology to monitor and improve the security posture of a business. SOC analysts continuously monitor networks for potential security threats and promptly investigate any incidents that occur.

SOC is the core of any organization’s cybersecurity operations. It operates 24/7/365 to continuously monitor, detect, identify, analyze, contain and respond to threats and vulnerabilities. By leveraging the latest technologies and techniques, SOC teams are able to protect organizations from malicious attacks and data loss. Read more on function of a SOC.

SOCaaS or Managed SOC is a concept that enables organizations to outsource security monitoring and administration tasks to a third-party service provider. By doing so, companies can achieve greater flexibility, scalability, and adaptability in their security operations.

An in-house SOC is where the SOC facility is established within an individual organization. The team managing the SOC will also be an internal team hired by the company. But when a company opts for SOCaaS, they allow a 3rd party which is an established SOC company like Eventus to monitor, analyze and resolve their cybersecurity issues continuously.

While an in-house SOC may appear to be a good idea as it can be better tailored to meet a business's specific needs, it is not always easy to maintain the quality of in-house SOC. The initial setup costs and ongoing maintenance expenses are often expensive, making them unaffordable for many companies. Without the right expertise and resources, it would be challenging to keep the SOC up-to-date with the company's changing needs. An in-house SOC team may struggle to provide 24/7/365 monitoring and support, as well as prove inadequate in managing complex and sophisticated threats.

An effective SOC should continuously improve its processes, procedures, and technologies to keep up with evolving threats. It is essential for a SOC to have a comprehensive incident response plan that outlines the approach to detect, analyze, and address security incidents. The team behind a SOC is critical to its success. It is important to select a team with expertise in security technologies, threat analysis, incident response, and forensics to drive your SOC forward. Eventus Managed SOC Service harnesses the latest technology and the expertise of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in handling complex security incidents. This service is designed to provide the utmost level of security for your organization.

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