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Cloud security

At Eventus, we provide real-time protection for cloud workloads, services, applications, and data through rigorous, proven, and continuous assessments. Our cloud security services help identify critical vulnerabilities, reveal unintentionally insecure DevOps practises, and strengthen cloud security posture.
Most enterprise data centers are expected to move to the cloud by 2025. The use of public clouds in the form of infrastructure, platforms and software as a service will be extensive. Cloud security refers to the processes, mechanisms and services used to control the security, compliance, and other usage risks of cloud computing.

Cloud security assessment involves identification of vulnerabilities across cloud native components apart from conventional services like penetration testing on cloud hosted application and cloud infrastructure. These native components comprise of Serverless Functions (Lambda, Azure Functions, GCP Functions), Microservices/API along with Container and Kubernetes (K8s).

The assessment would help an organization to identify threats and loopholes which are existing on the cloud environment. Exploitation of these threats or loopholes would impact an organization with data loss or breach.


Scale Securely with in-dept Visibility and Actions
Reduce Risk with continous assessment models
Inherit the Most Comprehensive Security and Compliance Controls
Proactive recommendations based on context
Develop a cloud security roadmap
Proactive threat management with 24X7X365 Monitor
Secure end to end cloud journey


Security Posture
Identify gaps and establish a risk-aligned architecture and roadmap for baseline cloud security requirements
Cloud Native
Configuration Review Penetration testing against the cloud infra and native components helps uncovering vulnerabilities and potential threats
Serverless Function Penetration Testing
Covers all security aspects for FaaS and BaaS through pentesting and code review
Microservices and API Security
Microservices and API Security focuses on strategies and solutions to understand and mitigate the unique vulnerabilities and security risks of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Container and Kubernetes security
Assessment, solution design, implementation, and managed security services for all phases of the container lifecycle
DevSecOps Consulting and Implementation methodology incorporates security as an integral component of the entire delivery security pipeline right from the start
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