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Monthly Threat & Security Advisory

Threat Advisory & Security Research

Keeping a pace with today’s threat landscape is non-negotiable. Enterprises, service providers, and the Internet-at-large would benefit in knowing the latest in technology and threats so they can actively secure their data and systems against compromise. Skimming security news provides a high-level idea of what’s going on in the real world, but to build effective security strategies, organizations and individuals need to get a better look of what goes on beyond the surface.
Security Research involves keeping up with the latest data, developments, and trends in the cybersecurity world. This also ensures acting in the best way possible for the newly emerging threats.
Benefits of Security Research
• Keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape
• Provide action-oriented advice on new threats
• Operationalize the process of detection
• Respond faster to incidents
Keeping a tab on Latest Threats
Eventus Techsol keeps up with the latest Threats by maintaining up-to-the-minute Threat Intelligence. In addition to this, we cumulate intel from diversified sources to go beyond. Adding on to the already maintained Curated Threat Intel enables us to provide a broad coverage.
Gathering Tactical Intel
Tactical data is gathered from the latest Threat advisories. Tactical intel may include indicators such as IP, URL, Domain or Hash value. These are derived from the publicly available reports based on Technical analysis of the observed Threat.
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